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TRDL 2015 Series, No. 18 - Spitfire by TRDLcomics
TRDL 2015 Series, No. 18 - Spitfire
TRDL 2015 Series, No. 18 - Spitfire

This one was done for the R3 Art Challenge, the subject being the color yellow. I actually drew Spitfire last year or the year before, but pulled the loose pencils out and decided to finish it for this week's color-based theme. I've never liked the older Spitfire costumes. The classic one, which I actually used for the jam at the time, never fit my modern interpretation of the character, though it made sense at the time. This newer design looks like it was pulled from the TRDL Universe, so obviously, biased as I am, I like it. Quite functional!

Process notes and WIP pics here:…
TRDL 2015 Series No 13 Pythona by TRDLcomics
TRDL 2015 Series No 13 Pythona
TRDL 2015 Series, No. 13 – Pythona

This one was done for the R3 Art Challenge, the subject being COBRA! But it was actually driven by participation in the Cobra Fan Club collaborative jam for 2015, for which I did two pieces: Pythona, and Baroness in her blue uniform. Pythona is a tough nut. I don’t remember enough about her from the cartoon, but I do recall thinking she felt like a spandex supervillain shoved into GI Joe. I’ve drawn her now four times, but the first three were erotic commissions and not shared publicly. I kind of like the cut of her huge cape/shawl thing, too.

Process pics here:…

TRDL 2015 Series, No. 06 - Ultron [TRDL Redesign] by TRDLcomics
TRDL 2015 Series, No. 06 - Ultron [TRDL Redesign]
TRDL 2015 Series, No. 06 - Ultron [TRDL Redesign] 

This one was done for the R3 Art Challenge, the subject being Ultron. This is a soft TRDL Redesign, again aimed at being a familiar enough look to readers to be able to identify the character, but my own take on it. Unlike my last Ultron redesign, this isn't a sealed armor, but rather adamantium held in place by a Kirby Krackle core. 

Process pics and notes here:…
TRDL 2015 Series - Nightwing Redesign by TRDLcomics
TRDL 2015 Series - Nightwing Redesign
TRDL 2015 Series, No. 05 - Nightwing [TRDL Redesign]

This one was done for the R3 Art Challenge, the subject being Nightwing, from DC Comics.
On this one, I chose to do a soft redesign, the premise being to design Nightwing today in the manner of Nu52 or Marvel Now or whatever, where readers should theoretically recognize the character, but in the story this is a new event. My Nightwing, Dick Grayson, is a former Batman sidekick now adventuring on his own but remaining a proud member of the Bat Family. He doesn't wear the cape and cowl, but he carries the bat symbol with confidence, as the inevitable successor to the line. My Nightwing has bare arms for some freedom of movement at the expense of armor, on the basis of having a strong acrobatic background, and his legs are clothed but not armored for similar reasons. On his back is a compressed, retracting glider wing. He clips the hooks that are resting at his hips into sockets on his gloves/wrist bracers, and then extends the wings outward with an electric assist. He carries two billyclubs. He wears no mask. Unlike his mentor, his identity is public. 
I had a blast designing this one. Part of the reasoning for the maskless face is the fact that Grayson/Nightwing is something of a sex symbol for fans, and I liked the idea of him being handsome. I never got that Nightwing in the comics would have this salon hair and be a dreamboat... with a domino mask... 

Process notes and pics here:…
TRDL 2015 Series No. 4 - Agent Peggy Carter by TRDLcomics
TRDL 2015 Series No. 4 - Agent Peggy Carter
TRDL 2015 Series, No. 04 - Agent Carter

This one was done for the R3 Art Challenge, the subject being Agent Carter, from the mini-series of the same name. I've really adored Hayley Atwell's portrayal of the character in the Cap films and into the BD extra short film and now TV series. I think of her much like RDJR: she infused so much personality and charisma into a difficult role that it's hard to imagine anyone else doing it. I'm not much for drawing likenesses so this is more a sketch of the character, rather than the actress. Originally I planned a beastie behind her, but I've done variations on that theme too many times so I aborted that and just focused on her. 

Process notes and pics here:…


TRDLcomics's Profile Picture
Third Rail Design Lab - Thom
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United States
I am a designer overall, architect by profession and comic illustrator and concept artist through my own imprint, Third Rail Design Lab. I publish a comic through TRDL that is free to view, and over a pretty extensive library of original characters which include powers and origins, etc as well as a generic RPG stat system for conversion to any game, which are available online and in trade paperback form. I also do commission art and design work for collectors and commercial applications. Lastly, I host a weekly art jam that can be found here: :icontrdl-r3-weeklyjam:

2015 TRDL OC Art Trade

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 29, 2014, 5:51 PM

As long-time followers of my work know, my bread and butter is a world-building RPG sourcebook series called the TRDL Sourcebooks, offering original supers characters with stats, origins, etc available for conversion and use in various RPG formats. I've been creating characters since I was a kid and the TRDL Original Universe offers over 300 original characters (about 100 are available on  now, and another 200+ will be released with the new sourcebooks later this year). I have collected a number of fan art pieces friends and fellow artists have done of TRDL characters for inclusion in a special gallery. I have also done my interpretations of other artists' OCs here and there as time permits. 

The TRDL OC Fan Art Swap began in 2012 and continues into 2015. While my commission schedule and official TRDL product work is pretty full, what I wanted to do was try and squeeze in some OC fan art to celebrate the design work of fellow artists here on dA. 
The proposal: reply in the comments below with your intent to participate, and include a link to the character (or a collection of characters for me to choose from) and I'll slot you in on the list below. My goal is to hit one of these per month. I will do full color rendering fan art of your character, and in exchange, you can pick one of the characters from the TRDL Universe and draw them for me, and I'll include it in the upcoming TRDL Fan Art gallery here. When thinking about the OCs you want to submit, consider that they can be entirely original designs, or your own redesigns of mainstream characters. If you put some design thought into it, I'll draw it!

So get your name on the list below and lets do some art trades!

10. :icona-deadless-mad-man:

11. :iconartdewd:

12. :iconp-toons:

13. :iconsavvyred:

14. :iconkingleonuniverse:

15. :iconwolfprime:

16. :iconkrthompsonart:

17. :iconthecosmicbeholder:


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9. :iconyncke: Trdl1434 Oghakkoraacaz by TRDLcomics

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