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Trdl15 Terrap by TRDLcomics
Trdl15 Terrap
This is a WIP sketch for a TRDL Redesign of Terra, from the Teen Titans. This is for the :icontrdl-r3-weeklyjam: and for the Outcast Daily Challenge. I hope to wrap this one up later this month!
Trdl1521 Shootingstarz by TRDLcomics
Trdl1521 Shootingstarz
TRDL 2015 Series, No. 21 - Shooting Star

This one was done for the R3 Art Challenge, the subject being the theme RED. I came across this O.C. on dA so I thought I'd take a stab at it. The original design is by […. The pose was inspired by a pic of the actress [… Kwan[/url], who pioneered roles for Asian actresses in mainstream American Cinema in the 60's. She was something of a sex symbol, so it seemed to fit this character well. I'll tell you what, though: fishnets are hard on complex 3D forms.

Process notes here:…
Trdl1519 Rivertamz by TRDLcomics
Trdl1519 Rivertamz
TRDL 2015 Series, No. 19 – River Tam [Firefly/Serenity]

This one was done for the R3 Art Challenge, the subject being the theme color blue. I have to admit, though I’ve fostered a thermodynamically measurable interest in Summer Glau, I’ve never seen either Firefly or Serenity. I tried to sit down and watch the show with my lovely wife, a Buffy fan, and she couldn’t get through the first 10 minutes. I know I’m remiss and need to try again. Anyway, I’ve seen several images of River Tam striking some sort of attack pose with these weapons and in a dress, though the colors were always different. So I took inspiration from the blue version and ran with it. Interestingly (to me) I found the photographs of her in this dress with the dark muted boots very underwhelming as a color combination, but once I added the color splash behind her it worked…

Process notes and WIP pics here:…

Trdl1520 Psylockez by TRDLcomics
Trdl1520 Psylockez
TRDL 2015 Series, No. 20 – Psylocke

This one was done for the R3 Art Challenge, the subject being the color purple. Not the book. The color. I chose Psylocke, everyone’s favorite upper crust English woman transplanted into a sexy vaguely asian ninja body with purple hair and magically inherited martial arts and melee weapon skillsets. I actually L.O.V.E. the new design for this character this year, but thats for another time. I like the character a lot,in general, especially as written in books like Uncanny X-Force, but somehow in my mind I prefer to keep the old and new Betsy Braddocks separate. Anyway, fun piece, based on a pinup by the awesome Billie Buchanan.

Process pics and notes here:…

Trdl15 Vision MCU WIP by TRDLcomics
Trdl15 Vision MCU WIP
Here is a WIP for the film version of the Vision. Honestly, I'll have to go through this in closer detail and try to get a sense of the complexity of the design when I ink it. It's like all the Iron man armors of the last several years. I can't make heads or tails of the interweaving of components at first blush...

Do love the design, tho, especially, ESPECIALLY, the colors...


TRDLcomics's Profile Picture
Third Rail Design Lab - Thom
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United States
I am a designer overall, architect by profession and comic illustrator and concept artist through my own imprint, Third Rail Design Lab. I publish a comic through TRDL that is free to view, and over a pretty extensive library of original characters which include powers and origins, etc as well as a generic RPG stat system for conversion to any game, which are available online and in trade paperback form. I also do commission art and design work for collectors and commercial applications. Lastly, I host a weekly art jam that can be found here: :icontrdl-r3-weeklyjam:

2015 TRDL OC Art Trade

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 29, 2014, 5:51 PM

As long-time followers of my work know, my bread and butter is a world-building RPG sourcebook series called the TRDL Sourcebooks, offering original supers characters with stats, origins, etc available for conversion and use in various RPG formats. I've been creating characters since I was a kid and the TRDL Original Universe offers over 300 original characters (about 100 are available on  now, and another 200+ will be released with the new sourcebooks later this year). I have collected a number of fan art pieces friends and fellow artists have done of TRDL characters for inclusion in a special gallery. I have also done my interpretations of other artists' OCs here and there as time permits. 

The TRDL OC Fan Art Swap began in 2012 and continues into 2015. While my commission schedule and official TRDL product work is pretty full, what I wanted to do was try and squeeze in some OC fan art to celebrate the design work of fellow artists here on dA. 
The proposal: reply in the comments below with your intent to participate, and include a link to the character (or a collection of characters for me to choose from) and I'll slot you in on the list below. My goal is to hit one of these per month. I will do full color rendering fan art of your character, and in exchange, you can pick one of the characters from the TRDL Universe and draw them for me, and I'll include it in the upcoming TRDL Fan Art gallery here. When thinking about the OCs you want to submit, consider that they can be entirely original designs, or your own redesigns of mainstream characters. If you put some design thought into it, I'll draw it!

So get your name on the list below and lets do some art trades!

10. :icona-deadless-mad-man:

11. :iconartdewd:

12. :iconp-toons:

13. :iconsavvyred:

14. :iconkingleonuniverse:

15. :iconwolfprime:

16. :iconkrthompsonart:

17. :iconthecosmicbeholder:


Previous TRDL OC Art Trades: 

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9. :iconyncke: Trdl1434 Oghakkoraacaz by TRDLcomics

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