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Trdl1430 Bat-girlrz by TRDLcomics
Trdl1430 Bat-girlrz

TRDL 2014 Series, No. 30 – Bat-Girl [TRDL Redesign]

I recently drew the new awesome Batgirl, and I've drawn a few of the prior versions over the years with varying success, so this time I did a blank slate redesign: "Young woman dressed as a bat fights crime with tool belt of gadgets"

This was the statement I used.

I took inspiration by real bats, specifically antrozous pallidus, or the Pallid Bat. My version is a young zoologist slash competitive martial artist, inspired by her favorite exhibit at the local zoo where she works, taking on the visage of the bat in a flamboyant and striking costume. I imagine that she took on this role as part of a sensational fighting competition, and then felt inclined to pursue crime. Obviously this is a far cry from the dark and mysterious Batman mythos... though Batgirl has often been shown in brighter, more dynamic colors. The large goggles, coloring of the costume and cape, and climbing boots all reference back to traits of the pallid bat species which inspired her. 

Process notes and WIPS here:…
Trdl1429 Vlad2014bwz by TRDLcomics
Trdl1429 Vlad2014bwz
This one was done for the R3 Art Challenge, the subject being our annual Vlad Fiks Memorial Noir Jam. Vlad was well known for enjoying film noir, classic comics, and vintage illustration. But one of his lasting legacies has been his encouragement to work outside of your comfort zone. He was a strong advocate of digital inking, despite a foundation in traditional ink styles, and he lived it how he preached it: he was often trying new things in our weekly jams, testing the waters on new styles and concepts. So, this year, I took a page from his process and worked out of my own comfort zone a bit. I don’t do portraits well, and I don’t tend to work very realistically. But at the same time, I tend to color very simply, without too much deep contrast between shade and highlight…especially when it comes to physical features. So I was inspired to play around and try something a little different, with this portrait of actress Li Bingbing. Miss you Vlad, every time I draw…

Process notes and WIPS on my blog:…
Trdl1424 Bcz by TRDLcomics
Trdl1424 Bcz
This was an illustration done for R3 Member Ironlung and his wife, to celebrate their marriage nuptials. She is into calaveras, they're both into bikes and old timey flair, so it felt like the right balance. I average one stylized portrait of friends and family a year, and this one took easily over a month to finish. The bike, the bird, and the riding outfits are all steeped in historical reference, though the sugarskull design work was largely my own, influenced by examples I found on the interwebs. FUN!

WIPs and process notes on the TRDL blog:…
Trdl1428 Psylockep5z by TRDLcomics
Trdl1428 Psylockep5z
This is based on the concept of the Phoenix Five, an X-Men event from a few years ago called Avengers vs X-Men, where the Phoenix Force was headed to Earth to join with Hope, but after the Avengers intervened, it broke apart into five X-Men hosts which sort of Highlandered from there. The jam speculated: what if the Phoenix Force consumed other X-Men than the ones chosen (who were Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magick, Colossus and Namor)… so I chose Psylocke as my host. The idea was to use the design language from Coipel’s work on that book, and apply it to another character in a thoughtful fashion. One highlight for me: where the P5 costumes in the book tended towards a bit of an edge for some of the characters, in mine, I covered Psylocke UP more than she generally is.

WIPS and notes on the project on the TRDL blog here:…
TRDL 2014 Series, No. 27 - Mockingbird by TRDLcomics
TRDL 2014 Series, No. 27 - Mockingbird
This one was done for the R3 Art Challenge, the subject being Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird, from the Avengers. I've always loved this character. I've drawn her classic big-sleeved costume a few times so I was hankerin' to take a stab at her current design, which I think looks pretty close to my TRDL Universe design language, actually. Probably no accident I like it so much. For this one, the greatest challenge was the hair and getting the leg cross right. I like how it turned out...

Process notes on the TRDL blog:…


TRDLcomics's Profile Picture
Third Rail Design Lab - Thom
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United States
I am a designer overall, architect by profession and comic illustrator and concept artist through my own imprint, Third Rail Design Lab. I publish a comic through TRDL that is free to view, and over a pretty extensive library of original characters which include powers and origins, etc as well as a generic RPG stat system for conversion to any game, which are available online and in trade paperback form. I also do commission art and design work for collectors and commercial applications. Lastly, I host a weekly art jam that can be found here: :icontrdl-r3-weeklyjam:

TRDL Update 24 August 2014

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 24, 2014, 11:16 AM
Trdli1415 Nicoru108z by TRDLcomics

Here's Nicoru from Runaways...

2. Other recent pieces:

Trdli1416 Deathlokrz by TRDLcomics
Here's a TRDL Redesign of Deathlok as seen in the MCU show Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
I like mine better.

Trdli1417 Sharoncarter109bz by TRDLcomics
Here's Sharon Carter, Agent 13, from Captain America

Trdli14 Sharonp Dark by TRDLcomics
For fun, here's the original pencils, uploaded as a WIP. Each of my finished pics has a link to my main site where you can see complete process notes and progress pics for each, if that's your bag...

Trdli14rocketp by TRDLcomics
Here's a process pic on a Rocket Raccoon pic... though I've subsequently drawn a second one I like better...

3. Other TRDL Sites:

I will always be found at the home base,

You can also find me on Instagram as trdlcomics  ( )

On Tumblr, my art appears on along with some other miscellany.

And on Facebook as Third Rail Design Lab (… )

4. The TRDL OC Art Jam continues at a glacial pace. CJ Williams finished his piece of TRDL fan art, and I'm wrapping up mine for him. Meanwhile, :iconyncke: ihas finished his, and I did the pencils for my half of the trade on the recent Swiss trip. 

The TRDL OC Fan Art Swap is a new thing for 2012-2014. While my commission schedule and official TRDL product work is pretty full, what I wanted to do was try and squeeze in some OC fan art to celebrate the design work of fellow artists here on dA. 

The proposal: reply in the comments below with your intent to participate, and include a link to the character (or a collection of characters for me to choose from) and I'll slot you in on the list below. My goal is to hit one of these per month. I will do full color rendering fan art of your character, and in exchange, you can pick one of the characters from the TRDL Universe and draw them for me, and I'll include it in the upcoming TRDL Fan Art gallery here. When thinking about the OCs you want to submit, consider that they can be entirely original designs, or your own redesigns of mainstream characters. If you put some design thought into it, I'll draw it!

So get your name on the list below and lets do some art trades!

As long-time followers of my work know, my bread and butter is a world-building RPG sourcebook series called the TRDL Sourcebooks, offering original supers characters with stats, origins, etc available for conversion and use in various RPG formats. I've been creating characters since I was a kid and the TRDL Original Universe offers over 300 original characters (about 100 are available on  now, and another 200+ will be released with the new sourcebooks later this year). I have collected a number of fan art pieces friends and fellow artists have done of TRDL characters for inclusion in a special gallery. I have also done my interpretations of other artists' OCs here and there as time permits.
The TRDL OC Fan Art Swap is a new thing for 2012. While my commission schedule and official TRDL product work is pretty full, what I wanted to do was try and squeeze in some OC fan art to celebrate the design work of fellow ar

5. Lastly, this week's TRDL/R3 Challenging Art Challenge is Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. Everyone is welcome to participate!

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